Why Modn

Discover why Modn Tech is a leader in IT Support in Australia

Our Six Pillars of Effective IT Support

Be Attentive

We understand the value of active listening. It is the cornerstone to providing best possible outcomes. You’ll find us very attentive and focused when it comes to learning about your business.

Be Specific

Ambiguity and confusion are removed when communications are highly detailed. We pride ourselves on being very specific with the information we provide, so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the solutions to be delivered.

Be Assertive

Our experience and expertise means we are not backwards in coming forward. There’s a lot of wisdom and know-how we’ve gained over the years and we’re happy to impart our capabilities confidently and respectfully to achieve the best results.

Be Agile

We are highly fluid and functional and operate with an adaptive mindset. We are able to shift direction or change paradigms, to ensure that we are implementing the very best technology and services.

Be Efficient

It’s critical to be thoughtful and considered in order to make the right decisions. We discern carefully the solution that will be ‘fit for purpose’ for each enterprise we work with and we deliver with optimum efficiency.

Be Friendly

There’s always room for a kind word and a warm smile so even though we have a strong work ethic and love being uber-efficient, you’ll never find us indifferent. While the technology and AI may be somewhat clinical, we love being human.

A little more about us

Founded and led by Ben Skender in 2016, we’ve become a formidable force as an IT support and solutions provider in Western Australia. With over 15 years in IT management, senior support, admin and managed service roles, Ben leads a team of dedicated professionals whose only focus is to make your business more productive and profitable.

We’re a highly experienced business with qualifications spanning Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators (MCSA)and Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA).

Our certified technicians specialise in both Apple and PC technologies and are dedicated to understanding and supporting your business across the ICT spectrum, including managed IT, systems infrastructure, phone systems integration, cyber security, cloud services and project management.

"We love what we do, we genuinely care about making a positive impact wherever we are and we never take the business we receive for granted. We welcome the opportunity to make a difference in your business".

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